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Mgr. Bára Piskačová

Email: bara.piskacova@brizatrubac.cz
Tel.: +420 736 713 492



  • Charles University Faculty of Law (Masters in 2019)

  • Law School, University of East Anglia (2018)Law School, University of East Anglia (2018)

Main fields of expertise

Corporate law, Transactions, Intellectual Property law, Contract law, Litigation

Language of provided services

  • Czech
  • English

Past working experience

Bára joined Bříza & Trubač in December 2021 as an associate. During her studies, Bára gained international academic experience through one-semester study program at University of East Anglia (2018). Prior to joining Bříza & Trubač, Bára also worked at the law firm MAAARS, which focuses on intellectual property rights, at the BBH law firm, where she participated in extensive due diligence and litigation and worked as para legal at the BADOKH law firm. Bára is also a member of the ALAI – an international organization of lawyers focusing on intellectual property law.

Last news

Patrik Koželuha and Markéta Polendová for epravo.cz

Patrik Koželuha and Markéta Polendová have prepared an overview of changes to registration of ultimate beneficial owners.