Petr Bříza appointed new arbitrator for doping cases

One of the founding partners of the firm has been appointed as an arbitrator of the National Court of Arbitration for Sport of the National Sports Agency (NSA). 

Petr Bříza, who has extensive experience in arbitration and international trade, will be involved in adjudicating doping-related disputes in the Czech Republic.

"I thank the sports associations that nominated me for their trust and I will carry out this function with due care and responsibility," said Petr Bříza.

Proceedings before the independent National Court of Arbitration are always before a panel of three arbitrators, consisting of a chairman and two other arbitrators. The parties or participants are the Czech Anti-Doping Committee on one part and the athlete suspected of doping on the other. The National Court of Arbitration for Sport replaced the previously existing Arbitration Commission.

The NSA is the central administrative authority which, among other things, provides financial support for sport in the Czech Republic through grant programmes. It also controls the management of the funds so distributed.