Real Estate

Real estate law is a major specialization of our law firm. In fact, in the area of real estate, legal security is perhaps even more important than anywhere else, especially with regard to the high amounts involved and the long term of the investment. However, with our legal team, you do not have to worry that you are investing in "uncertain land." Our references include leading real estate transactions in the Czech Republic and representation of leading construction companies in disputes and arbitrations.

In this area we are able to provide you with the following services:

  • Comprehensive legal advice on the sale, purchase or rental of real estate, whether residential, office or industrial, or agricultural land
  • Legal support for development projects, including their funding
  • Legal due diligence - real estate valuation in terms of third party rights, restitution claims (or comprehensive audit in cooperation with tax advisers)
  • Representation in court and arbitration disputes in the field of construction
  • Representation in civil and other administrative proceedings

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