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Mgr. Radka Čihulková

Email: radka.cihulkova@brizatrubac.cz



• Faculty of Law, Charles University (Masters (summa cum laude), 2024)

• British Law Centre (Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills, 2022)

Main fields of expertise

• Dispute resolution, criminal law, family and inheritance law, contract law.

Language of provided services

• Czech

• English

• German

Past working experience

Radka has been an associate at Bříza & Trubač since May 2024. During her studies, she worked as a legal assistant at Randl Partners (2021-2022) and at the law firm eLegal advokátní kancelář, s.r.o. (2022-2024). She also completed an internship at the District Court in Semily (2020). In the third year of her studies, she passed a one-year course, Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills, organized by the University of Cambridge, achieving the highest possible grade, Distinction. Radka has also been engaged in academic activities – since 2022, she has been an assistant student researcher at the Department of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, Charles University, and participated in a student scientific research competition, where she placed joint second (2022).

She actively lectured at two conferences: the International Scientific Conference in Budapest on the topic "Use of Algorithms in Criminal Law" (2023) and the "Hopes of Legal Science" conference (2023). She also participated in student scientific research titled "Criminal Procedure Code de lege lata and de lege ferenda in Constitutional Contexts," within which she has published several articles.


ČIHULKOVÁ, Radka. Seizure of Part of Property – Some Problematic Aspects. Criminal Law, No. 4/2023.

ČIHULKOVÁ, Radka. Voice Recognition. Criminal Law, No. 2/2024.

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