Labour and Immigration Law

Labour Law

Labour law is a branch of law that affects lives of all employers regardless of the number of employees. As strict sanctions and penalties may arise out of failure to comply with labour law, it is advisable not to underestimate this branch of law. Our law firm has vast experience with providing advisory services ranging from recruitment to termination of employment. Our services are not limited only to documents drafting (e.g. employment contracts, notices of employment termination, agreements on work performed outside an employment relationship etc.) but also cover clients’ needs concerning day-to-day business operations such as considering possibilities and measures for supervision of employees, reviewing accidents (injuries) at work or preparation of qualification agreements. The added value of our office enhancing the quality of the provided service is represented by considerable experience with implementation of internal policies on personal data protection as well as codes of ethics. Moreover, we have experience with implementation of recent work model trends on the labour market, i.e. flexible working hours, home-office, tele-working, bonuses, benefits and many more.  

Our services in the field of labour law cover mainly the following:

  • Advisory services concerning recruitment of employees, conclusion of employment relationship and its termination;
  • Preparation of employment and management agreements and agreement on work performed outside an employment relationship;
  • Legal representation in disputes arising out of employment or during inspections conducted by labour inspection authorities;
  • Advisory services concerning employment via employment agencies;
  • Internal investigation of possible unlawful conduct of employees;
  • Advisory services concerning trade union organisations, including negotiation with them      

Immigration Law

As one of very few law firms, we have experience with services for employers, who are looking for workers coming from third countries as well as from Member States of the European union, and employees who seek for legal aid in connection with residence status in the Czech Republic or work permits. We provide services not only in relation to preparation and submission of requests for residential or work permit (i.e. regarding choice of appropriate immigration status and preparation of necessary documents for successful grant of permit), but also legal representation of our clients in the proceedings initiated and conducted by government authorities (e.g. proceeding on revocation of residential permit etc.).

Should any need arise, please, don’t hesitate to contact us in the following matters:

  • Advisory services concerning right and duties under acts and regulations governing employment of foreigners;
  • Preparation of documents and representation in the proceedings for granting a residential or work permit, including request for its extension;      
  • Legal aid and representation of employers before government authorities in connection with employment of foreigners (notification of unoccupied workplaces, negotiation with the Labour Office of the Czech Republic regarding posting of employees within the EU, representation during inspection on compliance with duties conducted by government authorities)
  • Sending employees to the Czech Republic or within the EU and intra-corporate assignation of employees
  • Legal representation before the bodies of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
  • Reviewing tax and social security duties of foreigners

We also regularly give lectures in the field of labour and immigration law. Therefore, you could find us on any of lectures or we could prepare a custom-made lecture that would fit your demands.

Patrik Koželuha

Expert on labour and immigration law

Marta Zavadilová

Expert on labour and immigration law

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Latest news in the field

Patrik Koželuha lectured on employment of foreign researchers

On Monday February 2, 2020 Patrik Koželuha lectured in the premises of the Czech Academy of Sciences on employment of foreign researchers.

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