We provide our comprehensive legal advice at all stages of the energy company's “life cycle”, from its establishment or acquisition, through provision of appropriate licenses, preparation of all contractual documentation related to the production and distribution of energy, to the resolution of potential disputes. Many energy projects (especially acquisitions) are impossible to do without securing the financing, therefore we also provide our clients with legal advice on the negotiation, preparation and revision of contracts related to securing the financing.

Our legal practice includes:

  • the preparation, revision and assessment of energy supply contracts (both primary and secondary level) and energy equipment rental contracts;
  • preparation of legal opinions in the area of energy law;
  • acquisitions and transformations of energy trading companies;
  • preparation of documents for obtaining licenses and representation in administrative proceedings before the Office for Energy Regulation and the State Energy Inspection;
  • representation in energy litigation before the Office for Energy Regulation, as well as in litigation and arbitration

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