Sports Law

Thanks to our firm's team spirit, we are able to join forces across our legal specialisations and target the specific issues in sports. As a result, our experts are able to advise on the formation of sports clubs, their organisation and compliance, sponsorship or intellectual property law. We can help players with their contracts, transfers, taxes or marketing collaborations. We can advise sports venues and sporting event operators on their visitor rules, liability when organising sporting events or the processing of personal data.

Thanks to our extensive litigation experience, we are able to provide professional legal services in the areas of representation in litigation, disciplinary proceedings or doping inspections, for sports associations or clubs, players or other sports professionals, as well as non-professional athletes who, for example, suffer an injury during sporting activities.

Our legal practice includes:

  • drafting and reviewing agreements on sports performance, sponsorship or marketing;
  • representation in disputes, disciplinary and infringement proceedings and doping inspections;
  • formation of associations and consultancy on association law;
  • drafting the internal regulations of sports clubs or sports venues;
  • liability for damages in the event of injuries arising from sporting activities;
  • protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights;
  • tax advice for sportsmen

Petr Bříza

Expert on Sports Law

Markéta Kořínková

Expert on Sports Law

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