Barbora Klimešová commented on the amendment to the Labor Code

In collaboration with the company sloneek, our partner Barbora Klimešová has prepared a basic overview of the changes introduced by the currently highly debated amendment to the Labor Code.

The amendment to the Labor Code includes significant changes related to agreements on work performance (DPP) and agreements on work activities (DPČ). It expands the information obligation regarding employees and further regulates the possibilities of document delivery in employment relationships. Last but not least, it introduces the obligation to conclude a written agreement for remote work, which was not previously required, and addresses the issue of compensation for remote work.

Regarding this matter, Barbora stated: "The amendment gives the employer and employee the choice of how the reimbursement of these costs will proceed. In essence, three methods are possible. Either the employee will regularly report to the employer the expenses incurred in connection with home office work, or the employer will pay a flat monthly amount for all expenses, as determined by the decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The amount of this lump-sum compensation can be contractually agreed upon at a higher rate than the flat rate set by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, but this option applies only to employers in the private sector (so-called non-business entities such as the state, local government, or public schools do not have this choice). The last option is that the employee and the employer can agree that the employee is not entitled to reimbursement of expenses."

You can find the entire article HERE.