Bříza & Trubač co-organizes online seminar Tax Compliance 2022

Bříza & Trubač, attorneys at law, together with EPRAVO.CZ and LeitnerLeitner, a tax advisory firm, have prepared an online seminar on tax risks titled Tax Compliance 2022.  The event will feature a lecture by a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court.

The online seminar Tax Compliance 2022 focusing on tax risks for entrepreneurs from the perspective of an attorney, a judge and a tax advisor will take place on 14 June 2022. You will learn, among other things, what the tax authorities are focusing on during a tax audit, how not to get into a dispute with the tax authorities or what is new in tax case law. The seminar will be conducted in a practical way and will include practical examples on how to minimize risks and, if necessary, defend yourself effectively.

The lectures will be given by Ondřej Trubač and Patrik Koželuha from our law firm alongside Lenka Krupičková, a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court, Miroslav Král and Martina Neklapil, tax advisors, and Michal Sýkora, an attorney.

All necessary information can be found here.