Bříza & Trubač contributes to worldwide guide on international arbitration

Delos has issued a press release informing about continuous work on new guide on international arbitration.

Delos, an independent arbitration institution has issued a press release whereby it informs of the continuing works on the new guide on international arbitration, known as “Guide to Arbitration Places” or “GAP”. Seventy-eight law prominent firms from around the world will contribute to this guide, including Bříza & Trubač law firm, the only law firm from the Czech Republic. The guide will not only assist law firms advising their clients, but also in house counsels, arbitration practitioners and public in general. The guide will be published online in 2018. Delos is an independent arbitration institution seated in Paris, France which supports flexible, cost-effective and innovative way of dispute resolution which goes hand in hand with the needs of corporations irrespective of their size.