Bříza & Trubač represents Israeli Investor in investor-state arbitration

After two years, a new investor-state arbitration was initiated against the Czech Republic.        Asael Halevi, an Israeli businessman represented by our law firm, is seeking compensation           for a thwarted development project in Prague's Ďáblice district. Referring to the 1999      agreement on mutual support and investment protection between the Czech Republic              and the State of Israel, the client demands a payment of compensation in the amount                CZK 133 million. Bříza & Trubač are amongst a handful of Czech law firms that handle this          type of dispute resolution. The team led by Tomáš Hokr and Petr Bříza will attempt to                  build on our law firm's achievements in the field of international disputes.                                          The financing of the costs of the dispute is provided by PROCESPARTNER a.s.