Petr Bříza and Marta Zavadilová co-editors of Liber Amicorum Monika Pauknerová

Petr Bříza and Marta Zavadilová served as co-editors of the book title titled Liber Amicorum Monika Pauknerová, published by Wolters Kluwer as a tribute to Professor Monika Pauknerová on the occasion of her significant jubilee. The publication contains 47 contributions in English, Czech and Slovak from leading Czech and foreign experts on private international law. Among the authors are also members of our firm: in the book you will find a contribution by Petr Bříza titled Determination of the Law Applicable to a Share Transfer Agreement: Are All Doubts Dispelled after the TVP Case? and Marta Zavadilová's contribution titled Limping Same-Sex Marriage.

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