Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač take part in the new think tank called Rozumné právo

Our partners, Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač, co-founded a new think tank called Rozumné právo (Reasonable Law) together with other legal experts from various legal fields.

Rozumné právo is an independent group of legal experts who practice law in various fields either as scholars or practitioners. The aim of the group is to provide the government, the parliament, or other public institutions with an expert critique (second opinion) on the legislative proposals and other regulatory measures. Moreover, an ambition of the platform in general is to stimulate the public debate regarding the efficiency and reasonableness of the Czech legislation. One of the incentives for the establishment of the platform was a lack of a legal discussion during the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, the founders of the platform would like to initiate a legal debate among public which is considered crucial not only at the moments when personal freedoms are being restricted.