Petr Bříza is the co-author of the newly published publication "Transfers of shares and stocks"

Petr Bříza, a partner at our law firm, has dealt with various questions regarding cross-border transfers of shares in a new publication by a team of authors under the auspices of editors Bohumil Havel and Zuzana Nevolná, called "Transfers of shares", which was recently published by Wolters Kluwer CZ.

In the chapter titled "Transfer of shares with a foreign element", he took a closer look at the issue of the law applicable to the share transfer agreements, the question of the scope of application of the law governing the company whose shares are transferred or the law of the place where the shares are located at the time of transfer.

This topic has not yet been addressed in much detail in the Czech legal literature or case law, and thus remains full of questions and potential disputes. Petr tries to offer possible solutions or answers to some of these unresolved issues.