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JUDr. Ondřej Trubač, Ph.D., LL.M.

Email: ondrej.trubac@brizatrubac.cz



  • Charles University Faculty of Law (Masters in 2002, Juris Doctor in 2005, Ph.D. in 2009)
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (LL.M. in 2003)

Main fields of expertise

Judicial and administrative proceedings, procedural tax law, criminal tax law, criminal liability of legal entities, tax proceedings and consequent representation before administrative courts.

Language of provided services

  • Czech
  • German
  • English

Vocational exams

  • Bar exam

Membership in arbitral, vocational, proffesional and advisy institutions and boards

  • Czech Bar Association; Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Section for Public Law
  • IFA International Fiscal Association, Czech republic
  • Member of the doctoral program board of Theoretical Legal Sciences - Financial Law and Financial Science

Past working experience

Havel, Holásek & Partners
Gleiss Lutz, v.o.s., Praha, Česká republika
Vorlíčková & Leitner s.r.o., Praha, Česká republika

Ondřej is a co-founder of Bříza & Trubač Attorneys at Law. In his practice, he focuses on a wide scope of legal services, in particular on the complex topic of tax proceedings and client's representation before tax administrators, including their consequent representation before administrative courts. Furthermore, in his practice he deals with administrative law in general as well as with the newly developing sub-area of criminal law – the criminal tax law and thereto connected issue of active repentance in the context of criminal liability of legal entities. He also provides counselling in the area of compliance to companies. On a regular basis he gives presentations and contributes to professional publications and other periodicals. Before the establishment of Bříza & Trubač he worked for almost 4 years in the largest Czech law firm and before that in leading advisory firms.


Ondřej has experience with client's representation in the tax proceedings, in particular during tax controls (he is the co-author of a successful publication titled Defence Against Tax Inspection) and by means of consequent actions before administrative courts against the tax administrator's decisions, in disputes often concerning dozens of million Czech crowns. Before administrative courts he also dealt with different administrative actions from the customs law area. In connection with the Act on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities coming into force in the Czech Republic he dealt with the implementation of corresponding provisions into the internal rules of companies.

Publications and presentations

  • Krupičková, L., Trubač, O., Act on Financial Administration in the Czech Republic: Wolters Kluwer 2014 – co-author
  • Zatloukal, T., Tax Control in a Wider Context (In Czech original: Daňová kontrola v širších souvislostech), Prague: C. H. Beck 2008 – cooperation on the publication
  • Vorlíčková, L. (ed.), Criminal Tax Law. Compilation of Contributions at the IInd International Conference on the 18 February 2008 in Prague. (In Czech original: Trestní právo daňové. Sborník příspěvků z II. mezinárodní konference konané 18. února 2008) Prague: C. H. Beck 2008 – cooperation on the publication
  • Zatloukal, T. (ed.), Criminal Tax Law. Compilation of Contributions at the Ist International Conference on the 27 October 2006. (In Czech original: Trestní právo daňové. Sborník příspěvku z I. mezinárodní konference konané 27. října 2006). Prague: C. H. Beck 2007 – cooperation on the publication
  • Dráb, O., Trubač, O., Zatloukal, T., Defence Against Tax Inspection (In Czech original: Obrana před daňovou kontrolou), Prague: Aspi, a.s. 2006 – co-author
  • Tax Administration – compulsory class at the Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno, summer semester 2013, teacher
  • Financial Law – cooperation with the Charles University Law Faculty´s Department of Financial Law and Finances
  • Issues linked to the limits of permissibility of tax optimizations and active repentance specificities in the criminal tax law – presentation at the Karlovy Vary Legal Days 2013
  • Civil Code VI. Law of obligations. Special part. Commentary (in Czech original: Občanský zákoník VI. Závazkové právo. Zvláštní část. Komentář) 1.  Edition, Prague: C.H.Beck, 2014 - co-author
  • Are really all incomes subject to taxation? Seminar of the Supreme Administrative Court and the Judicial Academy, Kroměříž, May 2009 – speaker
  • IInd International Criminal Tax Law Conference, February 2008 – speaker
  • Remuneration of executive stock companies (in Czech original: Odměňování exekutivy akciových společností), Prague, Wolters Kluwer, 2017 - co-autor
  • Conference of Criminal Tax Law 2018 (in Czech original: Konference Trestní právo daňové 2018) - co-organizer/lecturer

  • Conference of Criminal Tax Law 2019 (in Czech original: Konference Trestní právo daňové 2019) - co-organizer/lecturer

  • Conference of Criminal Tax Law 2020 (in Czech original: Konference Trestní právo daňové 2020) - co-organizer/lecturer

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