A new e-book on working from home is out

Bříza & Trubač attorney Barbora Klimešová has contributed to a guide on home office issues. Employers, or rather HR managers, as well as employees will find a number of useful tips and information in the publication.

For example, did you know that research shows that it is optimal to work from home about two days a week? And that since the main driver of working from home is a greater degree of freedom, excessive monitoring of remote employees is more harmful than helpful?

Until now, the rules for working from home have been regulated only very marginally in the Labour Code, which in practice has led to a great deal of confusion. The amendment to the Labour Code, which is expected to be approved by the Parliament shortly, should bring clarification. A written agreement between the employee and the employer on the performance of telework with precisely defined particulars will now be the necessary basis. The amendment will also introduce an obligation for the employer to provide the employee with a flat-rate compensation for home office costs for each hour of work commenced.

The e-book was prepared by Sloneek, a company developing a tool for digitalization and simplification of HR processes in small and medium-sized companies. If you are interested in getting the guide for free, click on this link.