Barbora Klimešová will advise new businessmen on a webinar

Bříza & Trubač partner will lead an online webinar organized by the marketing community #Holkyzmarketingu on May 17. Starting businessmen and women, as well as those who are considering how to transform their existing business, will hear valuable advice and experience.

The seminar will focus on, among other things, choosing the right form of business, such as LLC or sole proprietorship. Participants will also learn, among other things, how and when is the best time to change the form of business. They will also receive a basic, easy-to-understand overview of the steps and obligations that must be fulfilled for each form of business.

Partner Barbora Klimešová, who will give a presentation at the webinar, has several years of experience with business herself. Thanks to this, the webinar will not only be theoretically oriented, but will also provide truly practical tips.