Bříza & Trubač law firm won an international arbitration case in Germany

The arbitration team at Bříza & Trubač has won another international arbitration case, this time in Germany.

The arbitration was conducted under the rules of arbitration of the German Institution of Arbitration (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit or DIS) and was seated in Berlin, Germany. Our team represented a Czech company – a claimant in arbitration - against a German shipbuilding company – a respondent in the case. The respondent being a member of a large German shipbuilding and construction group and thus represented by a prominent German law firm had fought hard - it contested the jurisdiction of the tribunal, denied all the claims of the claimant and raised its own claims. Nevertheless, the 3-member arbitral tribunal has decided unanimously that the claimant should be awarded not only the principal claim in its entirety but also the full costs of the proceeding. The respondent’s claims were all denied.