Jan Exner and Pavel Šnobl for epravo.cz on sports, law, and taxes

Our lawyer Jan Exner and tax advisor Pavel Šnobl spoke in an interview for epravo.cz about collaboration in providing legal and tax services in the field of sports. Law and taxes go hand in hand, and sports is no exception. Therefore, our goal is to offer comprehensive services to athletes and sports organizations and help them fulfill all legal, tax, and other obligations so they can focus on sports. We focus on effective prevention to avoid a range of problems.

Jan Exner and Pavel Šnobl talked with Miroslav Chochola about what a lawyer and a tax advisor specializing in sports do and the most common and interesting problems and challenges they encounter in practice. They also discussed the worlds of sports, law, and taxes, emphasizing what they have in common and the current challenges they face. At the same time, they explained how the collaboration between a lawyer and a tax advisor works and in what ways it benefits the client.

You can find the entire interview HERE.