Listen to Petr Bříza in the podcast zEvropy

One of the firm’s founding partners was a guest on a podcast associated with the Department of European Law at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. In an interview with Michal Říha, they talked about, for example, Petr's career beginnings during the first Czech Presidency of the EU Council in 2009. 

They also discussed the impact of European law on cross-border disputes and practical issues of doing business in the EU single market.

"It is usually not a problem to resolve in practice which law will govern a certain transaction between entrepreneurs from two different EU member states. As an attorney, I have exporters among my clients and it is often a last-minute issue for them in negotiations. Usually, it doesn't matter because we know that the essential issues will already be covered in the contract being concluded. Moreover, legal systems are usually flexible and similar in many aspects," explains Petr Bříza.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify here.