Recently, the Bříza & Trubač law firm has been involved in important transactions

The Bříza & Trubač law firm provided legal counsel to the seller in the sale of a 100% ownership stake in the Včelka group, the largest Czech provider of domestic healthcare services. The buyer is the healthcare group EUC, which is expanding its portfolio of healthcare services through the domestic healthcare segment. This year, it is one of the largest transactions in the healthcare sector. The law firm provided comprehensive legal services to the client and was involved in due diligence, negotiation of the share transfer agreement, and other legal matters related to the transaction. The firm also provided similar services to other potential investors in the Včelka group. The Bříza & Trubač team consisted of partners Patrik Koželuha and Barbora Klimešová, along with attorney Tomáš Munzar. The transaction also involved tax and accounting experts from A&T Consult, s.r.o., particularly Ladislav Tylšar and Kateřina Novaková. Forbes also reported on this transaction.

The Bříza & Trubač law firm provided advice to a sports club in the sale of an ownership stake in a company operating a ski resort in Rokytnice nad Jizerou, a company within the Trigema group. The firm was primarily involved in negotiating the terms of the share transfer agreement, but it also assisted the client with the approval process from the sports club and other related issues. The Bříza & Trubač team consisted of partner Patrik Koželuha and attorney Tomáš Munzar.

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