Seminar at the Judicial Academy: Tax Criminal Law Under Scrutiny

Today, our partners, Patrik Koželuha and Ondřej Trubač, had the opportunity (often unique for lawyers) to lecture at the Judicial Academy in Kroměříž before representatives of the judiciary (especially criminal judges and prosecutors). The topic of their presentation was evidence in tax proceedings.

Their presentation focused on the principles of evidence in tax proceedings and their comparison with criminal proceedings. In particular, they focused on who, what and how to prove in a tax trial compared to a criminal trial. They also focused on the risks that may arise if the criminal authorities uncritically draw inspiration from the conclusions of the tax authorities.

Among other excellent speakers, the issue of exchange of evidence between tax authorities and authorities involved in criminal proceedings and the possible limitations of such exchange were discussed.

The lively discussion at the end of the seminar showed the importance of meeting and exchanging views and experiences between representatives of different legal professions.