Updated translation of the Act on Private International Law („ZMPS“)

After nearly a decade, a newly updated English translation of the act No. 91/2012 Coll., which regulates legal relations with foreign aspect, is now available. In 2014, our law firm arranged the translation of the original version of the then new act. Now, our law firm makes the translation available in the text of all amendments the law has undergone in the meantime.

The update takes into account all amendments to the Act from previous years. The Act regulates, for example, rules for determining which legal system governs private law relations with a foreign aspect, the status of foreigners before Czech courts, the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements or custody matters. It also includes insolvency proceedings with a non-EU element or international arbitration proceedings.

The English translation can be found here. It is available to you free of charge, but we would like to politely ask you if you would continue to mention that the translation was made by our law firm.