Bříza & Trubač holds a conference on criminal tax law

Criminal tax law drives interest of both entrepreneurs, i.e., members of statutory bodies of companies in their daily decision-making, tax advisors, who usually lack deeper knowledge of criminal law and, last but not least, lawyers who do not have too much knowledge of tax law.

This is also a difficult area of ​​law for judges and prosecutors, especially given its interdisciplinary nature. We are therefore very pleased that we have managed to set up a team of lecturers across the legal professions who will bring their practical insight. The conference will include the President of the Criminal Court of the Supreme Court František Púry, the Supreme Administrative Court judge Karel Šimka, attorney and associate professor of criminal law Tomáš Gřivna, state prosecutor Miloš Klátik, president of the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors Jiří Nekovář and Ondřej Trubač and a leading Czech expert in tax law, procedural law and criminal law. Within the conference, individual legal concepts will be discussed, such as effective regret, the related law on criminal liability of legal entities, and the space will be given in connection with individual lectures and discussion, which we consider to be very beneficial.