10 questions for Kristián Léko in the magazine EPRAVO.CZ

What brought Kristián to study law and join the Bar, and what role does tram number 17 play in this?

Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač take part in the new think tank called Rozumné právo

Our partners, Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač, co-founded a new think tank called Rozumné právo (Reasonable Law) together with other legal experts from various legal fields.

When can an employer read e-mails of the former employee?

The issue of processing the content of a former employee’s mailbox has been dealt with in the latest article written by our associates Veronika Zhejbalová and Barbora Klimešová.

Petr Bříza for prestigious Kluwer Arbitration Blog

The international arbitration industry leading Kluwer Arbitration Blog published an article authored by Petr Bříza, the founding partner of our law firm.

Petr Bříza for the European Legal Forum

Petr Bříza contributed to the latest issue of the prestigious legal journal the European Legal Forum. In his article, Petr examines a decision of the Czech Supreme Court which held that the matters of assignment, set-off and late payment interest fall outside the scope of the CISG. The decision is also interesting for its treatment of the conflict-of-law issues of cross-border assignment, set-off and late payment interest.

About class action: Why (not) want to introduce class actions

Today, the partner of our law firm Tomáš Hokr together with the trainee Tomáš Munzar published an article in EPRAVO.CZ.

Legal breakfast on the theme of "coroNews" online from Opera

We responded to the growing questions of clients regarding the legal context of the COVID-19 pandemic in cooperation with the Opera on April 20, 2020 online.

The courts give a hope to the acquirers of flats in family houses for tax exemption

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, Kristián's article was published in the EPRAVO.CZ internet daily, which deals with a very interesting tax case.

Coronavirus as a reason for waiver or rent reduction for business premises?

In an article for EPRAVO.CZ, published on April 9, 2020, Petr and Kristian considered the possibilities given by the applicable law to tenants who have closed out stores and found themselves without fault at all without any income, whether it's a discount on rent or forgiveness of rent for a period of crisis measures.

BŘÍZA & TRUBAČ again awarded in the Legal 500 EMEA ranking for 2020

We are very pleased to announce that this year Bříza & Trubač has defended its TOP 3.

Petr for Lidové noviny newspapers on the topic of VIS MAIOR

Petr Bříza commented on various aspects of the issue of vis maior, including examples when the epidemic is and is not a vis maior. Read the full article in today's Lidové noviny newspapers.

Petr Bříza member of the board of the Arbitration Court in Prague

We are delighted to announce that founding partner of our law firm, Petr Bříza, has been elected to be a member of the board of the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic, an arbitration institution with more than 70 years of history and more than 700 arbitration cases (including international ones) annually.

Can coronavirus be a legitimate reason for non-performance of contractual obligations?

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, the article on the recently discussed subject of coronavirus, written by Petr Bříza, was published on the webpage.

Patrik Koželuha lectured on employment of foreign researchers

On Monday February 2, 2020 Patrik Koželuha lectured in the premises of the Czech Academy of Sciences on employment of foreign researchers.

Tomáš Hokr commented on the new bill on collective (class actions) proceedings for Czech Radio Plus

On February 24, 2020, our partner Tomáš Hokr commented on the new bill on collective (class actions) proceedings for “Day in 60 Minutes” of Czech Radio Plus.

Legal breakfast on Tax Compliance in Opero

On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, our law firm in cooperation with EPRAVO.CZ organized a legal breakfast on Tax Compliance.

Petr Bříza at the expert meeting on the UNCITRAL Model Act

Our partner Petr Bříza was entrusted with moderating of the expert discussion “Prague UNCITRAL Model Law Roundtable 2020 - Implementation of UNCITRAL Model Law in the Czech Republic”.

Ondřej for the February issue of the magazine Legal Advisor

By which rules are the tax authorities bound when they call on taxpayers to prove their income and to file a declaration of property?

Petr Bříza lectured on cross-border contracts

On Monday, January 20, 2020, C. H. Beck organized a seminar about cross-border contracts, which was led by our law firm’s partner, Petr Bříza.

Marta Zavadilová speaking on the topic of international divorces for Lidové noviny newspapers

An interview with Marta Zavadilová on cross-border divorce was published in the Monday issue of Lidové noviny newspapers.

Petr Bříza lectured at conference: Private Law 2019

On November 28, 2019, the eighth year of the traditional civil conference "Private Law 2019" (Soukromé právo 2019) was held in the premises of the Hotel International Praha.

Ondřej Trubač and Kristián Léko at the conference "Daňový řád 2019"

From November 25 to November 26, 2019 a conference on tax administration "Daňový řád 2019" took place in which Ondřej Trubač and Kristián Léko participated.

Petr Bříza and Marta Zavadilová led a seminar on Regulation Brusel I bis

Monday 25.11. 2019, Petr and Marta lectured at a seminar organized by the Judicial Academy of the Czech Republic for judges on selected issues and pitfalls associated with the application of the Brussels I bis Regulation.

Ondřej Trubač and Kristián Léko for Lidové noviny

Ondřej Trubač and Kristián Léko for Lidové noviny

Does every tax assessment lead to criminal liability? You can find the answer in today's article of Lidové noviny in Law & justice section.

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