Ondřej Trubač is ranked in the category Taxpayer of the Year in the private sector in SLUTO DAŇOVÁ & ÚČETNÍ firma roku 20233

Ondřej Trubač is ranked in the category Taxpayer of the Year in the private sector in SLUTO DAŇOVÁ & ÚČETNÍ firma roku 20233

On February 7, 2024, our partner Ondřej Trubač was ranked 2nd in the category of Taxpayer of the Year in the private sector in SLUTO DAŇOVÁ & ÚČETNÍ firma roku 2023.

Kristián Hajduk on the tax on the acquisition of immovable property and on the right of construction

Based on a recent decision of the Regional Court in Brno, the tax on the acquisition of immovable property was decided in relation to the tax consequences of the withdrawal from the contract on the establishment of the right of construction.

Petr Bříza has become a member of the editorial board of the Journal of World Investment & Trade.

As of 1 January 2024, the founding partner of our firm, Petr Bříza, has become a member of the editorial board of the prestigious legal journal called The Journal of World Investment & Trade. The Journal of World Investment & Trade (JWIT) focuses on legal aspects of global trade and investment relations, covering topics such as bilateral and multilateral treaties, dispute resolution, and domestic laws related to trade and foreign investment.

In cooperation with EPRAVO.CZ, we are preparing an online conference on the topic "Legislative News or What to Watch Out for in 2024."

The law firm Bříza & Trubač, in collaboration with EPRAVO.CZ, is organizing an online conference focusing on legislative updates for the year 2024.

Jan Exner and Pavel Šnobl for on sports, law, and taxes

Our lawyer Jan Exner and tax advisor Pavel Šnobl spoke in an interview for about collaboration in providing legal and tax services in the field of sports. Law and taxes go hand in hand, and sports is no exception.

Anna Kalašnikovová on the provision of collateral for a business loan by an individual

When negotiating their financing, business entities are often confronted with the requirement from creditors that the ultimate owners of these companies provide collateral or guarantee for their financing. This raises the question of whether the collateral provided by the ultimate owner, as an individual, is entered into from the position of a businessperson or a consumer, and whether consumer protection rules apply to them.

Jan Exner received the award for the best teacher of the Faculty of Law, Charles University.

In addition to providing legal services, our lawyer Jan Exner is also involved in academic activities. At the Faculty of Law of Charles University, he teaches sports law and EU law. As part of the Faculty Night Festival 2023, Jan Exner was awarded for outstanding educational activities at the faculty as the best teacher.

Barbora Klimešová commented on the amendment to the Labor Code

In collaboration with the company sloneek, our partner Barbora Klimešová has prepared a basic overview of the changes introduced by the currently highly debated amendment to the Labor Code.

Recently, the Bříza & Trubač law firm has been involved in important transactions

The Bříza & Trubač law firm provided legal counsel to the seller in the sale of a 100% ownership stake in the Včelka group, the largest Czech provider of domestic healthcare services.

The law firm Bříza & Trubač contributed to the creation of exemplary investment documentation for startups.

Our law firm, Bříza & Trubač, has become a part of the CzechStartupDocumentation initiative. This initiative, which brought together the strengths of 19 renowned law firms, has released sample investment documentation for startups for free use. It is available on the website

In his contribution to EPRAVO.CZ, attorney David Línek drew attention to the issue of assessing agreements on resale pricing (so-called RPM agreements

This type of agreement is one of the most frequently penalized offenses by the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition for violating competition law. However, the current practice of Czech authorities may not be fully in line with the current case law of the European Union Court of Justice.

Jan Exner, an expert in sports law, joined our team on September 1st.

From September 1st, our team has grown with a new colleague, Jan Exner, who specializes in sports law and EU law.

Good faith in taxes will be the topic of the IFA Congress in Cancun.

Representation in disputes with financial authorities is one of the flagship services of our firm. And even though it might seem peculiar to those outside the field, even an area like tax disputes is subject to various trends.

Marta Zavadilová becomes a member of the European Section of IAFL!

Our partner, Marta Zavadilová, has become a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL)! Marta's acceptance into this association is the result of a rigorous selection process and, above all, a testament to her hard work and extensive experience in the field of family law, to which she has dedicated almost her entire professional life.

What the Government Consolidation Package Brings

The government consolidation package aims to save the state over 97 billion Czech crowns in the next year. A new article in the magazine "Ekonom" by Ondřej Trubač and Tomáš Munzar highlights the important aspects of these changes.

Advocates to children's homes: Bříza & Trubač partners gave an interview to Advokátní deník

The firm's partners Barbora Klimešová and Ondřej Trubač, together with attorney Markéta Kořínková, spoke out, in an interview for Advokátní deník, about pro bono assistance to children from institutional care, in which all three of them are significantly involved.

Bříza & Trubač supports „Právní koktejl“ podcast

Our law firm has partnered with a new legal podcast called Právní koktejl – „Legal Cocktail“. Its authors are Andrea Procházková, deputy editor-in-chief of Respekt magazine, and Matěj Slavík from the Institute for Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Working breakfast about the Labour Code amendment and whistleblowing

A working breakfast was held in our office in Palladium, where our partners Barbora Klimešová and Patrik Koželuha provided clients about the main novelties in the upcoming amendment to the Labour Code and the principles of the new Whistleblower Protection Act.

Constitutional Court to the general courts when deciding on compensation for personal injury: Do not overestimate the findings of experts.

In an article for EPRAVO.CZ, associate Tereza Händlová writes about the recent objections of the Constitutional Court to the uncritical acceptance of the findings of expert examinations in compensation for non-pecuniary personal injury.

Tomáš Munzar is Talent of the Year 2022

Bříza & Trubač attorney has won the prestigious award at the Lawyer of the Year Gala Dinner held on May 12th at the International hotel in Brno

Donio becomes part of the Livesport Group and we were there

Czech company Livesport, one of the world's leading providers of results and information from the world of sports, has become a new partner of the crowdfunding platform Donio. Our law firm was pleased to participate in this move.

Barbora Klimešová will advise new businessmen on a webinar

Bříza & Trubač partner will lead an online webinar organized by the marketing community #Holkyzmarketingu on May 17. Starting businessmen and women, as well as those who are considering how to transform their existing business, will hear valuable advice and experience.

Law firm partners heading to Berlin

Barbora Klimešová, Petr Bříza and Tomáš Hokr will attend the regular midyear meeting of SCG Legal in the German capital on 11-12 May. Bříza & Trubač has been a member of this prestigious global network of law firms since 2018.

Bříza & Trubač has two new partners

The firm's existing five partners have been expanded to include attorneys Marta Zavadilová and Barbora Klimešová as of 1 May 2023.

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