Bříza & Trubač law firm won an international arbitration case in Germany

The arbitration team at Bříza & Trubač has won another international arbitration case, this time in Germany.

Ondřej Trubač for Lidové noviny

Today’s issue of Lidové noviny, in its Law and Justice section, published an article by Ondřej Trubač dealing with the issue of tax penalty.

Petr Bříza giving lecture at Summer School of Business Law

Between July 17 - 21, 2017, the fourth year of the Summer School of Business Law, organized by the Law Faculty of Masaryk University, will take place on the topic of "Business Law Step by Step or How to: Trade Law".

Petr Bříza for EPRAVO.CZ

The legal journal EPRAVO.CZ MAGAZINE has published an article by Petr Bříza about the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the light of a problematic decision of the Czech Supreme Court.

Petr Bříza in Who’s Who Legal 2017

We are honoured to announce that our partner Petr Bříza has been recognized as an expert into legal directory Who's Who Legal 2017.

Petr Bříza and Tomáš Hokr for prestigious Kluwer Arbitration Blog

The industry leading Kluwer Arbitration Blog published a new article authored by Petr Bříza and Tomáš Hokr from our law firm in the Czech Republic.

Markéta Kořínková lectures at the E-Mail Marketing Online Summit 2017

E-mail Marketing Online Summit 2017 will take place from 29 May 2017 - 2 June 2017, during which you can look forward to free online education in e-mail marketing.

Markéta Kořínková for EPRAVO.CZ

A new article by Markéta Kořínková was published on EPRAVO.CZ on March 31, 2017, which focuses on interpretative opinions on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ondřej Trubač attended Criminal Tax Law conference held in Linz, Austria

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, the Criminal Tax Law conference was held in Lentos Kunstmusem in Linz, Austria.

Ondřej Trubač lectures for the Institute of Fashion Industry Law

As part of the ongoing Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, on Monday, 20 March 2017 Ondřej Trubač gave a lecture for the Institute of Fashion Industry Law.

Petr Bříza at the conference on arbitration

Petr Bříza was invited to a conference on arbitration in the Czech republic organised by EPRAVO.CZ in cooperation with arbitration experts.

Petr Bříza addresses our main philosophy for Hospodářské noviny

In today's issue of Hospodářské noviny you will find a commentary by Petr Bříza entitled “What a 21st Century Attorney Should Not Do”, which will tell you how a proper “conscious” law firm should not behave.

Petr Bříza on cross-border contracts

Among the online courses offered on EPRAVO.CZ, it is now possible to order a video course, in which Petr Bříza will guide you through the practical aspects of closing cross-border contracts.

Bříza & Trubač for Právní rádce

The phenomenon of social networks - even law firms now live on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. The view of the law firm Bříza & Trubač on this issue was outlined by our partner, Ondřej Trubač.

Petr Bříza lectured on EU law in practice

What should graduates of law schools know about EU law? Why is it important to understand the system and the basic principles of EU law? Our partner Petr Bříza answered these questions at a workshop on "How to teach EU law?"

Ondřej Trubač lectured on the limits of tax optimization

The Chamber of Certified Accountants held a seminar on tax optimization and its legal limits on Friday 11 November 2016 led by our partner Ondřej Trubač.

Bříza & Trubač amongst the best again

Yet again in this year’s Leading Law Firm of the Year ranking Bříza & Trubač has scored among the best law firms in the Czech Republic confirming its leading position at the forefront of the legal industry.

Petr Bříza lectured on the pitfalls of international trade disputes

The Faculty of Law of Charles University had traditionally included a course entitled “Law and Legal Practice” in the list of its compulsory elective courses, where our partner Petr Bříza spoke about the issues and pitfalls of international trade disputes.

Tomáš Hokr for EPRAVO.CZ Digital

In the professional online magazine for business and legal practice EPRAVO.CZ Digital dated October 21, 2016, an article by Tomáš Hokr was published with the title “Act on Proof of Origin of Assets: The test of unnecessarity”.

Petr Bříza on the importance of EU law

On October 7, 2016, an international conference on the Language and Law of the EU was held in the beautiful premises of the Liechtenstein Palace under the auspices of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. Our partner Petr Bříza was one of its lecturers.

Petr Bříza and Markéta Kořínková give lectures on online marketing

Email Marketing Summit 2016 will take place from September 26 to September 29, 2016, during which you can look forward to free online education in internet marketing. One of the lectures will be jointly led by Petr Bříza and Markéta Kořínková.

Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač for Ekonom

The Czech journal Ekonom has published and article by Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač on disputes.

Petr Bříza lectures at the Judicial Academy

On 30 August 2016, Petr Bříza gave a lecture at the Judicial Academy in Kroměříž on the topic of preliminary ruling of the EU Court of Justice.

Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač for Bar Bulletin

Summer’s issue of Bar Bulletin published an article on international conference Carlsbad Days of Law and its authors were our partners, Petr Bříza and Ondřej Trubač.

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